The program is held in the City of Knowledge in the Engineering Complex, and the study system is based on courses and supplementary research, in the blended system. The total number of credit hours to complete the program is 36 hours.This program aims to qualify students in the field of computer science to contribute to meeting the country’s need for qualified cadres in computer science and applications, which the country needs to bridge the digital divide and build an economy and information society, and contribute to enriching scientific research.The program qualifies the graduate to work in: computer training centers, software development houses, educational program development houses, companies, banks, computerized private sector institutions, websites design and management companies, e-commerce fields, and others..

Admission requirements:

1.      Fulfilling the admission requirements according to the Higher Education Regulations, which are as follows:

2.      Obtaining a bachelor’s degree, first or second honors, in Computer Science or any other equivalent discipline from the College of Computer Science, University of Science and Technology, or any other similar university,

3.      or obtaining a Higher Diploma in Computer Science with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 as a minimum College of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Science and Technology or any other similar university.

Study plan:

percentage Credit hour Number of courses Program structure
%33 12 4 core courses
%50 18 6 elective
%17 6 Graduation project

Program courses:

Credit hours Prerequisites for the course Core



Course name


Course code


3 Internet basics إcore data management ISC03  


First semester


3 Basics of data mining methods core Analysis, modeling and design ISC04
3 Multimedia basics core Project and Change Management ISE01
3 إcore Data mining and business intelligence ISE04
3 The basics of encryption and network security core Object-oriented analysis and design ISE9
3  computer network basics core Information Systems Management ISC02  

Second semester


3 The basics of oriented programming. إcore Data communication and networking ISC01
3 core decision making systems ISE10
3 Software engineering fundamentals core Advanced Software Engineering ISE12
3 Fundamentals of artificial intelligence applications إcore Information systems security management ISE06

The number of graduates:

Program name 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Master in Information Systems 21 30 40 17 7 0 0