Infrastructure for Post Graduates Studies

The faculty has an infra- structure for post graduate students that is independent of that of the undergraduate students.

  1. Halls: One hall designated for students.
  2. Laboratories: One Computer Laboratory that contains 20 computers with high specifications.
  3. Offices: Three offices, one for the Program coordinator, one for Administrative Assistant, and one for Services Supervisor.
  4. Libraries: One electronic library for post graduate students containing 20 computers and all needed references.

The following tables show the infra-structure owned by the faculty, these comprise halls, laboratories, offices, toilets, cafeterias and prayer rooms.


72م Dean’ office 1
36م Dean’s Secretariat office 2
24م Postgraduate Coordinator’s office 3
27م Faculty Registrar office 4
27م Technology –information systems  Registrar  office 5
27م Computer Sciences–information technology Registrar office 6
32م Office Registrar Diploma 7
27م Financial and Administrative Affairs Office 8
36م Head Computer Sciences Department Office 9
36م Head Information Technology and Communications Department Office 10
36م  Head Information Systems Department Office 11
36م Head Information Technology Diploma Department Office 12
36م Development Office 13
32م Digital Content Office 14
32مم Examinations Office 15
32م  Computer Laboratory Supervisor Office 16
32م Project Supervisor Office 17
36م Contracted Academic Staff Office 18
36م Contracted Female Academic Staff Office 19
36م Collaborating Academic Staff Office 20
28م Collaborating Female Academic Staff Office 21
28م Accountant and Auditor Office 22
22  Offices Total  


Number Cafeteria
2 Cafeteria
2 Total

 Therapeutic Units

Therapeutic unit Number
Therapeutic unit 1
Total 1

 Prayer Rooms

Mosque Number
Prayer room Men 1
Prayer room Women 1
Total 2

 Guard Offices

Office Number
Guard Office 3
Total 3

 Water Coolers

Water Cooler Number
Water cooler 4 large
Water cooler 1 small
Total 5


Laboratories Number Capacity
Laboratories 25 20 computers
Total 25 500


1 Gentlemen’ Toilets 22
2 Ladies’ Toilets 16
  Total 38