The of the Faculty of Post Graduates and Scientific Research of the University of Science and Technology (UST) aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To elevate levels of post graduate and scientific research in the UST through the application of quality standards and academic authenticities measurements.
  2. Improving quality in coordination with other academic faculties.
  3. Achieving higher standards of scientific, academic and professionally qualified graduates in various knowledge fields.
  4. Developing post graduate programs to coup with the accelerating scientific and technological innovations and develop research, directed to ameliorate domestics problems in coordination with scientific research.
  5. Enriching and deepening human knowledge through research in post graduate research and studies.
  6. Promoting Entwining and partnerships with the domestic, regional and international universities and academic communities in regard with post graduate and research programs to prevent the duplications, redundancy of research and academic dissertations in order to promote them to higher academic standards.
  7. To link post graduate studies and scientific research with strategies and planning of comprehensive sustainable development.
  8. To produce qualified graduates with leadership and research skills that can coup with scientific and modern technological innovations, developments.
  9. Enrooting morale and academic values in preparing research and academic dissertations in post graduate students and researchers.
  10. To provide post graduate students with data mining and academic surveying skills from databases inside and outside the university libraries and repositories to promote the presented research quality and academic dissertations.
  11. Establishing Specialized Research Centers in the university.