University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Postgraduate Studies

Academic Calendar for 

 Higher Diploma in Computer Science  batch (1)

Date Event Time period
First  Semester
Saturday 4/2/2023 Start of First  semester 7 Weeks
Thursday 16/3/2023 Pause the  First  semester
Ramadan  and Eid al -Fitr Holidays(2023)
Saturday 29/4/2023 Resume First  semester 8 Weeks
Thursday 15/6/2023 End of First  semester
Eid al -adha Holidays(2023)
Tuesday  4/7/2023 Start of Examinations 11 days
Saturday  15/7/2023 End of Examinations
Sunday 23/7/2023 Examination Results
Second   Semester
Saturday 28/7/2023 Start of second   semester 15 weeks
Thursday 2/11/2023 End of second  semester
Saturday 25/11/2023 Start of Examinations 10 days
  Tuesday  5/12/2023 End of Examinations
Saturday 16/12 /20213                                                                                         Examination Results
Saturday 23/12/2023 Start of Substitute and Supplementary  Examinations 21 days
 Saturday 13/1/2024 End of Substitute and Supplementary  Examinations
Saturday  20/1/2024 Substitute and Supplementary  Results

Dr.Tagwa Ismail  Khalifa

Postgraduate Coordinator